The Red Insulating Varnish

The Red Insulating Varnish

The Red Insulating Varnish is used to protect electrical leads, restore dielectric properties which get lost from friction wear, and to coat frayed insulation. The product makes for an ideal solution that allows one to insulate and seal out any moisture that is there. The moisture can be from high voltage circuits. The product also finds its additional use in armature windings and for coating electrical windings which are exposed to moisture repeatedly. This is a product that offers a fairly tough industrial strength oil along with waterproof coating that insulates any electrical equipment and components and keeps them safe.


There are various issues that the product deals with such as oils, moisture, water, acids, alkalis. It is especially suitable for varying temperatures. It also assists with improving Megaohm and dielectric values of motors, whether they are new or rebuilt.



The insulating varnish is a product that can have numerous applications including:


  • Commutator Ends
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Generators
  • Terminals
  • Bus Bars
  • Stator Coils
  • End Turns on electrical Windings
  • Motor windings
  • Rewound Motors
  • Transformers
  • Phenolic / Porcelain Molded Parts
  • Magnets


Red Insulating Varnish is highly suitable for insulating electrical windings, especially if they are exposed to extreme moisture. It also works well when there are corrosive conditions present along with many voltage and temperature fluctuations. Other than helping with the moisture problem, it is also one of the products that seals the water out. All in all, it saves the surfaces from deterioration.


With its high tolerance for fluctuating environments, one can find the product to be tough and impervious. One can also rely on it for its ability to reduce noise up to its greatest capabilities.The product definitely comes in handy for various fixtures. It even dries quickly so as to save some time and minimal effort.

ASV HC 80 Anti-Track Varnish For Class H Spray
  •  Possesses high dielectric strength, surface and volume
    resistivity to provide effective insulation of electrical
  •  Hard, durable & flexible protective film does not peel, crack
    or age and offers protective resistance to shocks, abrasion
    as well as aggressive chemical environments
  •  Fast air-drying, stable, single component coating with
    excellent resistance against oils, chemicals, ageing, moisture
    condensation, weathering effects
  •  Seals out moisture with a visible, highly glossy, smooth
    abrasion resistant protective coating
  •  Highly heat resistant coating suitable for Class H insulation
    with greater allowance for thermal expansion and
  •  Prevents tracking, corona discharges, flashovers and
    electrical failures caused by water seepage
  •  Very good adhesion on a variety of substrates
  •  Oil resistant to ASTM D 115

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