Smoke Detector Test Spray

Smoke Detector Test Spray

Smoke DetectionIt is a must to always check if the optical resp. photoelectric smoke detectors and smoke switches are working well or not. This is where the smoke detector test spray makes its application the most significant. One may or may not know this, but there are certain standards and codes all around the world that make it compulsory to test the smoke detectors. These standards are only there in order to quality check the products and their functioning.


The spray is one that lets its user know if the smoke can enter the chamber of point type smoke detectors where it can be detected or not. If not, the next step is to fix the device. If it can reach the detection chamber of the device then one can confirm that it is working fine.This product makes for a very efficient functional testing of the smoke detecting machine without agglutinating any of the electronics. This is one of the most sound ways to ensure that the smoke detectors as well as their switches work in a proper manner.


Choose The Correct Test Spray

One must, however, go with a quality smoke detector test spray. They can make a choice by checking out the outer body of the product and its features. Ideally,

  • It should have a 100% success rate.
  • It should be one that does not contain any solid substances.
  • It should be able to evaporate without leaving any sort of residue. Thi also ensures that after testing, the functionality of the devices is not affected.


The usage of the smoke detector test spray is one that is versatile in terms of the types of places it can be used. It is suitable for public facilities, industrial settings, private households, industrial plants, commercial buildings, etc.

evaporates without leaving residues

WEICON Smoke Detector Test Spray is ideal for a secure checking of the correct functioning of optical resp. photoelectrical smoke detectors and smoke switches.


The spray helps to carry out a functional test without agglutinating the electronics. In this way it is guaranteed that the detector or switch work without disruption. The spray does not contain any solid substances and evaporates without leaving residues. Thus the functionality of the devices is in no way affected.


WEICON Smoke Detector Test Spray can be used in industrial plants, public facilities and private households. It is safe and easy to apply and gentle with regard to the electronics.

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