Red Insulating Varnish by Technical Beacons

Red Insulating Varnish by Technical Beacons

A strongly insulating coating with outstanding arc and corona protection is red insulating varnish. It is a one-part, low viscosity coating that is simple to apply and sticks well to a variety of substrates. Additionally shielded from the arc, corona, corrosion, and moisture by this red insulating varnish are transformers, coils, motor windings, and numerous electric generator components. gives electrical components and devices a strong, waterproof coating using industrial strength oil. possesses a thermally rated class F epoxy ester resin and offers excellent adherence to a wide range of surfaces. Usage to restore lost dielectric characteristics due to frictional wear, coat frayed insulation, and safeguard electrical leads. Further applications include coating electrical windings that are frequently exposed to moisture, high voltage circuits, and insulating and sealing off moisture from armature windings.

Features & Advantages

● Ten minutes or less for air drying
● Meets the criteria for Class F
● Resists acidic, alkaline, and wet environments.
● High dielectric strength: 3,000 volts per mil (dry); 1,500 volts per mil (wet)
● Class H insulation is suitable for service up to 180 °C.
● Excellent resistance to oils and moisture
● Outstanding finish: a robust, flexible, glossy, and long-lasting red coat
● Good resilience to saltwater and water
● Good adherence
● High sheen

  • Possesses high dielectric strength, surface and volume resistivity to provide effective insulation of electrical equipment
  •  Hard, durable & flexible protective film does not peel, crack or age and offers protective resistance to shocks, abrasion as well as aggressive chemical environments
  •  Fast air-drying, stable, single component coating with excellent resistance against oils, chemicals, ageing, moisture condensation, weathering effects
  •  Seals out moisture with a visible, highly glossy, smooth
  •  abrasion resistant protective coating
  •  Highly heat resistant coating suitable for Class H insulation with greater allowance for thermal expansion and contraction
  •  Prevents tracking, corona discharges, flashovers and electrical failures caused by water seepage
  •  Very good adhesion on a variety of substrates
  •  Oil resistant to ASTM D 115

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