Anti-Seize Compound

Anti-Seize Compound

disulphide that ensure performance enhancement of the anti-seize compound. The one ideal usage of it is in high temperatures which covers areas such as furnaces.


It is a known fact that the product needs to be used in the perfect amount, as both over application and under application can make a mess and not give the desired results. While one wastes the product, the other reduces its effectiveness.


This is the kind of product that comes in handy at the time where an area is corrosive. Additionally, it also improves the gasket performance along with which it helps with the removal process of a gasket. They are also good at preventing thread galling during installations, which also goes on to save one the additional costs that the problem might give way to.


Features and Benefits

A product as good as this has a lot of features and benefits that work in its favor. Those are:


  • It helps in preventing seizure, galling and corrosion.
  • One can rely on it to be highly resistant to salt water environments.
  • It has a lead-free formulation
  • It makes for an excellent way to resist water. The solution even works when the surface is submerged.
  • The product can ensure a temperature range of -50ºC to +1100ºC


The anti seize compound is made for general purposes. However, the wide range of features of this product make it a very reliable one to be used on many surfaces. Its perfect metal bonding and good lubricity ensure that the product works its magic on the surfaces that it is used in.

  •  Extremely wide service temperature range of -30°C to
  •  Makes disassembly easy and non-destructive even after long
    operational periods at high temperatures and adverse
    working environments
  •  High load withstanding capacity
  •  Creates an effective matrix between mating surfaces to
    prevent metal-to-metal contact
  •  Protects surface from wear and friction

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