Smoke Detector Test Spray

Smoke Detector Test Spray

Smoke detectors are one of the most significant security measures that one can adopt in their household. These are the best way to, as the name suggests, detect smoke. They can prevent a calamity from happening in any area, whether residential or industrial. That being said, it is very important that one ensures that it is working properly or not. After all, being a security measure, it has to work perfectly and facilitate all the features that one has bought it for. This is where the assistance of a smoke detector test spray comes in.


Now, one may have hired the best people to do the job of installing a smoke detector. However, in order to make sure it works, there is a need for a testing spray that can allow one to fully ensure that the device is properly working. In order to use it properly, you have to hold it below a smoke detector at a distance of 60 cms to 120 cms. The alarm might take a few seconds after you spray the product to go off. You must spray it again if the alarm does not sound off within 5 seconds. And voila! It works!


With the help of our expert products such as a smoke detector test spray, you can forget about any side effects. Our products are perfect to carry out any of the functional tests without agglutinating the electronics as some other products out there might do. We guarantee that you will have your devices in the same condition as they were, unaffected from the substance in our products. Even the switch of the detector is completely safe as the product is such that it does not contain any solid substances or leave any residues as the product evaporates.

WEICON Smoke Detector Test Spray is ideal for a secure checking of the correct functioning of optical resp. photoelectrical smoke detectors and smoke switches.

The spray helps to carry out a functional test without agglutinating the electronics. In this way it is guaranteed that the detector or switch work without disruption. The spray does not contain any solid substances and evaporates without leaving residues. Thus the functionality of the devices is in no way affected.

WEICON Smoke Detector Test Spray can be used in industrial plants, public facilities and private households. It is safe and easy to apply and gentle with regard to the electronics.

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