ASV HC 80 Anti-Track Varnish For Class H Spray 400ml

ASV HC 80 Anti-Track Varnish For Class H Spray 400ml

  •  Possesses high dielectric strength, surface and volume
    resistivity to provide effective insulation of electrical
  •  Hard, durable & flexible protective film does not peel, crack
    or age and offers protective resistance to shocks, abrasion
    as well as aggressive chemical environments
  •  Fast air-drying, stable, single component coating with
    excellent resistance against oils, chemicals, ageing, moisture
    condensation, weathering effects
  •  Seals out moisture with a visible, highly glossy, smooth
    abrasion resistant protective coating
  •  Highly heat resistant coating suitable for Class H insulation
    with greater allowance for thermal expansion and
  •  Prevents tracking, corona discharges, flashovers and
    electrical failures caused by water seepage
  •  Very good adhesion on a variety of substrates
  •  Oil resistant to ASTM D 115
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ASV HC 80 Anti-Track Varnish For Class H Spray 

Air Drying Class ‘H’ Anti Track & Insulating Varnish

Product Description

ASV® HC 80 anti track and protective varnish is a coating with exceptional insulating properties for electrical and electronic equipment to provide surface protection against oils, water, moisture, corrosion, acids, alkalis & temperature variations. Dry to touch in 15 minutes after application, and tack free within 60 minutes, this fast air drying, flexible coating has excellent adhesion to metal windings and coils with a temperature Class H (180°C) rating and high dielectric strength.

ASV® HC 80 offers complete surface protection by sealing out water and moisture while possessing excellent penetrating and adhesive properties along with resistance to oils.

Applications Use

HC 80 protective coating to insulate and seal:

Motor windings  Terminals  Bus bars  Commutator ends  Stator coils  End turns on electrical windings  Printed circuit boards  Ceramic & plastic insulators  Armatures  Rewound motors Generators  Insulator bushes  Transformers Highly suitable for insulating electrical windings that are exposed to extreme moisture and corrosive conditions as well as temperature and voltage fluctuations

Directions for Use

Shake can well before use. Clean thoroughly and dry the surface to be coated before application of this coating. Mask area not to be sprayed. Spray from 12-15 inches away in light, even coats with a sweeping action of the hand. Allow solvents to evaporate completely before re-application. Additional coats for heavy film can be applied when first coat is dry. Coating becomes dry to touch in about 20-30 minutes. Clean the valve by inverting the can and spraying a few short bursts till only the clear propellant comes out. Clean the actuator button orifice by means of a thin, fine wire.


Contains flammable solvents and propellant. Do not spray near naked flame, hot surfaces or energized equipment. Use with adequate ventilation.



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