Product Advisor

Welcome to BUSINESS, an industrial chemicals supplier in Saudi Arabia. Having been in business since 2016, we have worked tirelessly to deliver our clients an exceptional range of high-quality products across a whole host of different brands. Working with top names like THREEBOND, LOCTITE, DEVCON, FERRO CORDOBOND, BELZONA, KOLOR KUT, WEICON, MOLYKOTE, BOSTIK, LIQUI MOLY, CRC, AMBERSIL, ARALDITE, MAGNAFLUX, OKS, BTS, HPX, PERMATEX,MOLYSLIP, PATTEX, BISON, 3M, REMA TIP TOP, Hypoxy, Somafix, GP Silicone, TIMKEN, Soudal, Tangit, Akfix and more we provide top-quality solutions across the chemical industry to make life easier than ever.

With a team of professionals and experts within the chemical industry, we know what makes a good, safe product. Our team work tirelessly to locate only the finest and most reliable products. From the finest paint sprays and bearings to oils, greases and lubricants, additives and compounds, epoxies and putties, sealant and adhesives, inspection chemicals, cleaners and degreasers, rust remover, tools and safety, oil absorbents materials and others; we make it easy for you to find solutions to problems that need solving.

Our team deals in a whole host of industrial materials and maintenance chemicals to help management, maintenance and optimization so much easier than it was before. With various tools and instruments including high-end inspection chemicals, sealants and adhesives, epoxies and putties and various cleaning agents and detergents, we work to make sure you have everything that you need from one simple source.

Since our formation, our team has concentrated on delivering the finest, safest of solutions all across Saudi Arabia. Working from our Jeddah base, we work to help people get high-quality solutions that delivers on their needs time and time again. Experienced in the industry, too, we know the kind of products that can make the most telling difference. Our selection comes after many years of hard work and vetting to ensure we can get rid of any products that could be deemed to be dangerous or damaged in any way, shape or form.

We have worked with top suppliers to help deliver high-end industrial materials and maintenance chemicals. When a job has to be done, it needs the right tools to get it done correctly at the first time of asking. This is why we only deliver chemicals and maintenance solutions that we would use ourselves.

If you would like to work with professionals who understand the importance of chemical management and care during operation, come and work with us. Our team know and understand the vital importance of chemical management, taking the utmost time and care to help deliver a useful range of solutions that serves all interests.