Rust Converter

Rust Converter

Rust converter, as the name suggests, is a product that works as an effective neutralizer for a rusty cast over surfaces made of iron and steel. It is mostly used on objects which come in the category of trailers, vehicles, iron railings, fences, sheet metal, and even the outside of storage tanks. It usually comes in handy at the time when sand blasts are difficult to be applied on some products. The product is suitable for both internal as well as external usage. It is also known to have the properties that make it a great use for base coats.


The rust converter is made of a base that is epoxy resin. With the rust layer, it forms  a metallic organic iron complex. When it comes to its usage, you can easily opt for a warm day to use it and prepare the surface by cleaning it up. Usage of a sandpaper or a brush is advised to do the same. From there on, it is the straight application of the product that works wonders. Once you are done with the application of the product, go ahead with a coat or two of paint over it.


With our help, you can find the best products at your disposal. Not only do our products prove to be satisfactory for the job, but are also long lasting. Whether used as a solution to rust or as a protective layer on top of a metal surface, this is a pretty reliable product. Rust converter is the need of the hour in many places, and bringing you the product that is up to the mark is our duty. With its varied applications, it can surely be used in any of the industries as well as projects that it can find its use in.

WEICON Rust Converter: For the effective neutralisation of rust on rusty cast iron and steel surfaces. Protects from corrosion and is suitable for internal and external use. The Rust Converter is based on epoxy resin and forms a metallicorganic iron complex with the rust layer. This connection is stabilized with the special epoxy resin, which protects metals from external impacts. The forming black layer serves as base coat and is the foundation for the subsequent, permanent coating. The spray is anti-corrosive, has excellent penetrating properties and a high opacity. It is temperature resistant up to +80°C (shortterm < 15 min. to +160°C), has good weather and UV resistance as well as excellent solvent resistance. WEICON Rust converter is free from heavy metals and mineral-acid. Rust Converter can be applied at all rusty areas, e.g. at machines and plants, agricultural equipment as well as motor vehicles. The spray can also be used as a protective, preventive layer

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