Aluminum Complex Grease

Has Good high fever faculties, with a falling point approximately 500°F, Great water tolerance, good shear stability, and reacts nicely To additive treatments that enhance performance capabilities, such as oxidation And rust inhibition. Often utilised in digesting food machines


Matrix Foodmax Grease ASP 2 is an aluminum complex grease designed for the lubrication of almost any type of application which requires a food grade lubricant. Foodmax Grease ASP 2 is formulated with a complex soap, synthetic base oils, additive package and solid lubricants. Thanks to the superior resistance to water ASP 2 is very suitable for the lubrication of chains operated in very wet conditions such as food conveyor chains.

Bentone (Clay) Grease

Bentonite clay grease is medicated with a polar activator which provides an electrical charge to the clay particles, thus aligning them to keep the lubricating oil in suspension in a non-soap thickened, grease structure. Perhaps not quite harmonious with different greases, since the electrical charge may be destroyed and soften the dirt outside performance limits. Such a product is often referred to as a No-Melt grease. Has good water resistance, very low temperature pumpability and exceptionally high temperature applications in which a non-melting grease is demanded, the clay structure can assist in assembling a self-forming oil seal where bearing seals are hopeless to keep such as in wheel bearings onto temperature kiln cars.

MOLYKOTE 41 High Temp Grease

• Does not melt, even at high temperatures
• Superior thermal stability
• Superior oxidation resistance
• Water-resistant

• Silicone oil
• Carbon black
• Corrosion inhibitor

Calcium Grease

Calcium Grease One of Certainly one of the first kinds of dirt manufactured. Used today mainly since they Are moderately priced. Manufactured by utilizing hydrated lime and a fatty material. Magnesium must be Utilised at Less temperature surroundings, because They’re restricted by approximately 150°F. Higher temperatures can alter the Grease structure. Has very good water tolerance.


FUCHS-Renax MPG Grease

RENAX MPG is a premium quality lithium-calcium mixedbase grease based on a lithium-calcium hydroxystearate soap.
Because of its chemical properties and its additive package, RENAX MPG is suitable for a wide range of applications under severe operating conditions.

Lithium (12-Hydroxy Stearate) Grease

A Multi purpose grease type dirt having a buttery feel and falling point above 350°F. Could be utilized with intermittent temperatures as much as 300°F. Lithium grease has Great resistance to breakdown and water, or burning off, by workingout. Pumpability is just really actually a really good characteristic for this kind of grease. The expression Multi Purpose Grease is utilized because they blend, in One Solution, Desirable features normally utilized in all several services and products. Nearly 60 percent of the entire grease market is fulfilled via such a grease.


ASV ML–2 EP2 Grease

• Extremely wide service temperature range of -25°C to +120°C
• Reduces friction and wear
• Low evaporation rate increases relubrication intervals
• High load carrying capacity
• Highly resistant to hot or cold water and water washout
• Offers good surface protection and corrosion inhibiting properties
• Good resistance to oxidation
• Can be dispensed via centralized lubrication systems

Lithium Complex Grease

A fresh kind of dirt, revealing a number of the same traits as the very simple lithium greases, together with improved performance in the area of high temperature, high speed bearing life. Dropping point is approximately 500°F.



General purpose industrial and automotive NLGI 3 grease SKF LGMT 3 is mineral oil based, lithium soap thickened grease. This premium quality, general purpose grease is suitable for a wide range of industrial and automotive applications requiring stiff grease

Excellent rust inhibiting properties
High oxidation stability within its recommended temperature range

Polyurea Grease

A Grease of fairly recent development that does not make work with of a conventional soap thickener. This type of grease Features a high dropping point, approximately 470°F, Has an ashless structure, superb water resistance, pumpability and Superb temperature posture. Usually Utilised in electrical motors, Alternators and from food machinery. A few Polyurea greases Are Extremely shear Sensitive, that is, they are going to soften in dispensing and harden in the bearings. Lighter consistency greases can give better operation under these conditions.


SKF LGHP 2/1 Grease

SKF LGHP 2 is a premium quality mineral oil based grease, using a modern
Polyurea thickener. It is suitable for electric motors and similar applications.

• Extremely long life at high temperatures
• Wide temperature range
• Excellent corrosion protection
• High thermal and mechanical stability
• Good start-up performance at low temperatures
• Compatibility with common polyurea and lithium thickened greases

Grease Compatibility

After two greases are mixed, the resultant blend frequently displays properties and performance characteristics that are clearly inferior to those of grease by itself. For this reason, it is best to exercise caution in switching between forms of grease that might have compatibility issues. The system ought to be cleaned of previous dirt when creating a switch between grease types. When it’s not possible to eliminate previous dirt type from the bearings, dirt more often until all traces of earlier grease are flushed from this bearing.

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