ASV ASTC Copper & Solid Lubricants Based Antiseize

ASV ASTC Copper & Solid Lubricants Based Antiseize

– موصى به للغاية للاستخدام على جميع الوصلات الملولبة والحواف التي تعمل في درجات حرارة عالية جدًا وظروف تآكل لتمكين التفكيك غير المدمر بشكل أسرع وسريع بعد فترات تشغيل طويلة كما هو الحال في الأوتوكلاف والأفران والغلايات والمفاعلات والتوربينات ومحاور البثق والضواغط والمبادلات الحرارية ومولدات الغاز وآلات صب البلاستيك ومعدات مصانع الكيماويات والصلب ،

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– Highly recommended for use on all threaded and flanged connections operating at very high temperatures and corrosive conditions to enable faster and rapid non destructive disassembly after long operational periods as in autoclaves, furnaces, boilers, reactors, turbines, extrusion mandrels, compressors, heat exchangers, gas generators, plastic molding machines, chemical and steel plant equipment,

– Heavy duty thread compound for studs, nuts, bolts, valve stems, spindles, exhaust pipes, cylinder and engine head screws, steam lines exposed to high temperatures, water and corrosives to provide complete protection from seizure and corrosion and which also need to be reopened or retightened after assembly and initial operational period.


– Extremely wide service temperature range of -20°C to +1100“C

– Makes disassembly easy and non-destructive even after long operational periods at high temperatures and adverse working environments

– High load withstanding capacity

– Creates an effective matrix between mating surfaces to prevent metal-to-metal contact

– Protects surface from wear and friction

– Good corrosion protection

– Water resistant

– Ensures consistent tightening of threaded connections and provides an optimum balance between torque required to tighten and pretension

– Prevents bolt breaking, sintering, fusion, seizure, thread striping and distortion of threads

– Meets requirements of MIL-A-907E


Directions for Use

Shake the can vigorously for a couple of minutes before spraying till the bearing noise from inside the container is audible. Repeat before every application. Spray onto a clean,

dry and degreased surface. Only a thin film of this lubricant is required. Allow solvents to evaporate. Spray from a distance of Z0-30 cms. Repeat if necessary. For cleaning the valve dip- tube after spraying, invert the can and depress the actuator button for a few short bursts till only the clear propellant comes DUI.



Contains flammable solvents and propellant. Do not spray near naked flame, hot surfaces or energized equipment.

Use with adequate ventilation.




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