ASV El-55 Electro Mechanical, Moisture Removal Spray 500ml

ASV El-55 Electro Mechanical, Moisture Removal Spray 500ml

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إنه زيت تشحيم كهربائي سريع المفعول ومانع اختراق الصدأ والتآكل لتحسين أداء المعدات الكهربائية. لتر يشكل شفافًا رقيقًا غير جاف
غشاء تشحيم يتغلغل بعمق في أدق الشقوق ليحل محل الرطوبة المحتبسة ويترك وراءه طبقة واقية غير موصلة لإغلاق المزيد من الرطوبة
والتآكل. يمنع الأعطال الكهربائية مثل الفلاش ، والسراويل الكهربائية ، والتسربات ، والتتبع الناجم عن تكوين فيلم موصل للماء على السطح
ويشكل حاجزًا فعالًا ضد تكثف الرطوبة والرطوبة.

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Product Description

ASV EL 55 is a fast acting electrical grade lubricant, rust penetrant and corrosion inhibitor for improving electrical equipment performance. lt forms a clear thin non—drying

lubricating film that penetrates deep into the minutest crevices to displace trapped moisture and leaves behind a non-conductive protective film to seal out further moisture

and corrosion. It prevents electrical malfunctions such as flashovers, electrical shorts, leakages, tracking caused due to formation of a conducting film of water over the surface

and forms an effective barrier against moisture condensation and humidity.


ASV EL 55 is safe to use around all metals, plastics, rubbers and other electrical insulation materials and contains no silicones, chlorinated solvents, CFC’s or any harmful ozone

depleting chemicals.



For cleaning, removing moisture, lubricating and protecting all contacts, controls, relays, switches, motors, connectors, generators, ignition systems, terminals, sensors, circuit

breakers, transformers, switchgears, bearings, generators, gears, tuners, busbars, connectors, potentiometers, solenoids, capacitors, communication equipment, electrical equipment, electronic equipment, aviation equipment, industrial equipment.



– Multifunctional formula lubricates, displaces moisture, penetrates rust, protects from corrosion & cleans

– Rapidly penetrates to displace trapped moisture

– Quickly salvages and dries wet water damaged or flooded electrical equipment

–  Leaves a thin, long lasting film to prevent entnj of moisture 8i formation of rust or corrosion

– Cleans & removes oils, greases and other light contaminants

–  Excellent resistance to moisture, oxygen, condensation, humidity and other corrosives

–  Safe for use on metals and does not harm plastics, rubbers or other insulation materials

–  Contains safe, non flammable CO2 propellant

–  360° valve allows product to be sprayed in any position-even inverted

Directions for Use (Bulk)

Apply liberally onto the surface by brushing or by dipping components into the fluid. Allow solvents to penetrate and free rusted parts. Use an absorbent rag or a brush to remove dirt,

rust, scales & dust. For moisture displacement, apply until clear product (amber-pale straw) comes out and emulsified residue is totally clear. For metal protection, do not wipe off

protective film from the surface Allow 4 to 6 hours for the solvents to evaporate before resuming operations. Clean and dry surfaces completely before applying power.




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