ASV Bright Zink Cold Galvanize Bright Grade Spray 500ml

ASV Bright Zink Cold Galvanize Bright Grade Spray 500ml

  •  Repairs damaged hot dip galvanized surfaces
  •  Fast air-drying and offers protection of hot dip galvanizing
  •  Very high purity zinc in film
  •  Confirms to requirements of ASTM A 780
  •  Brilliant metallic finish to that of hot dip galvanizing
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 Cold galvanizing coating with brilliant shiny finish to that of hot dip galvanizing


Product Description

ASV® Bright Zink is a high-performance zinc coating designed to provide true galvanic corrosion protection to metals and stop rusting and rust creepage. It air dries fast on application to leave a high purity zinc film that is highly resistant to heat, water, corrosion and saline environments. It bonds electrochemically to bare metals without requiring any baking and offers maximum protection against corrosion under severe conditions. ASV® Bright Zink does not contain any chlorinated solvents, CFCs, or ozone depleting chemicals.



Structural steels, transmission towers, welding seams, bridges, relay towers, piping & ducting’s, offshore equipment, nuclear & power plants, antennas, metal fabrication, industrial maintenance, touch up to damaged galvanized coatings.


Directions for Use

Clean and degrease the surface prior to application. Remove all rust and loose scales by wire brush. Shake can well for a couple of minutes till bearing noise from inside the can is audible. Repeat the same before every application. Spray light, even coats with sweeping action of the hand onto completely dry surface. Allow solvents to completely evaporate before re-application. Optimum desired film thickness is about 2-3 mils. Drying time to touch is about 10-15 minutes, to handle is about one hour and for complete cure is about 24 hours. Flush away paint products or product residues in the dip tube of the valve by cleaning it. Cleaning of the valve should be performed after spraying is finished, by inverting the can and pressing the actuator button in short bursts till only the propellant comes out. If required, to prevent clogging, remove the actuator button and clean the button orifice with a thin, fine wire.



Contains flammable solvents and propellant. Do not spray near naked flame, hot surfaces, or energized equipment. Use with adequate ventilation.



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