WEICON Stainless Steel Spray BRIGHT GRADE – 400 ML

WEICON Stainless Steel Spray BRIGHT GRADE – 400 ML

وايكون بخاخ جلفنة للستانلس ستيل يعطي حماية من العوامل البيئية والصدأ والكربون والاوساخ ويتحمل درجات الحرارة العالية 300 درجة مئوية

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Stainless Steel Spray »bright grade«

Corrosion and weather resistant surface coating

Corrosion and weather resistant surface coating based on stainless steel pigments. The plate-like pigments used in the new WEICON Stainless Steel Spray have a large, specific surface geometry, and therefore a high barrier effect (shingle effect).


  • Repair of damaged steel parts on truck bodies, silos and pipelines
  • Corrosion protection for indoor and outdoor use
  • Providing an appearance of treated stainless steel
  • For the optical alignment of stainless steel parts as for example V2A and V4A

Clean and degrease surfaces with WEICON Cleaner Spray S. Shake can before use until the mixing ball can be heard. Spray on evenly and crosswise at room temperature (approx. +20°C / +68°F) and at about 25 cm distance from surface. Dust-dry after approx. 10 minutes, fully cured after approx. 10 hours.

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400 ml Stainless Steel Spray »bright grade«, Art.-No.: 11104400
400 ml Stainless Steel Spray, Art.-No.: 11100400




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