ASV RC 60 F Class, Red Insulating Varnish, Air Drying

ASV RC 60 F Class, Red Insulating Varnish, Air Drying

  •  Possesses high dielectric strength, surface and volume
    resistivity to provide effective insulation of electrical
  •  Hard, durable & flexible protective film does not peel, crack
    or age and offers protective resistance to shocks, abrasion
    as well as aggressive chemical environments
  •  Fast air-drying, stable, single component coating with
    excellent resistance against oils, chemicals, ageing, moisture
    condensation, weathering effects
  •  Seals out moisture with a visible, highly glossy, smooth
    abrasion resistant protective coating
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Product Description:
ASV RC 60 red insulating varnish is a coating with exceptional insulating properties for electrical and electronic equipment to provide surface protection against oils,water,moisture,acids,alkalis and varying temperatures.Dry to touch in 10 minutes after application,and tack free within 45 minutes,this fast air drying,flexible coating has excellent adhesion to metal windings and coils with a temperature class f ( 155c) rating and high dielectric strength.

ASV RC 60 offers complete surface protection by sealing out water and moisture while possessing excellent penetrating and adhesive properties along with resistance to oils.

-Use ASV RC 60 protective coating to insulate and seal
-Motor windings
-Bus Bars
-Commutator Ends
-Stator Coils
-End Turns on electrical Windings
-Printed Circuit Boards
-Rewound Motors
-Phenolic / Porcelain Molded Parts
-Improving Megaohm and dielectric values of new as well as rebuilt motors
-Highly suitable for insulating electrical windings that are exposed to extreme moisture and corrosive conditions as well as temperature and voltage fluctuations



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