WEICON Stainless Steel Spray , 400ml

WEICON Stainless Steel Spray , 400ml

وايكون بخاخ ستانلس ستيل جلفنه بخاخ 400 مل يعمل على حماية الادواتو المعدات من العوامل البيئية ويتحمل درجات الحرارة العالية تصل الى 300 درجة مئوية

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Weicon Stainless Steel Spray is a corrosion and weather resistant surface coating spray colour matched to RAL 9007 stainless steel (matt finish). This high quality spray exhibits good resistant to abrasion and very high chemical resistance which allows it to be used in a range of demanding applications.

Weicon Stainless Steel Spray is dust dry after about 10 minutes and fully hardened (and paintable) after approximately 4-6 hours. Once cured, this spray passed the DIN EN ISO 1519 mandrel bend test without cracking and is utilised in application with temperatures between -50ºC and 300ºC.

Produced using very high purity (about 98.5%) stainless steel alloy combined with an acrylic resin, Weicon Stainless Steel Spray is often used in conjunction with Weicon Zinc Spray (which can be used as a primer for the Stainless Steel Spray).

This versatile product is used for coating and protecting a wide range of materials in a variety of industries. Some specific application examples include:

  • For the repair of damaged stainless steel parts
  • On lorry trailers
  • On silos and pipelines
  • For the optical refinement of glass, wood, stone, ceramics and most plastics
  • And for a range of decorating applications in the commercial, DIY and hobby sectors

Weicon Stainless Steel Spray is available from your local AG branch in 400ml aerosols with no minimum order quantity.

Weicon Stainless Steel Spray is just part of our Weicon Stainless Steel range of products. More information on our Weicon Stainless Steel Spray – Bright Grade, Weicon Stainless Steel Paint, Weicon Stainless Steel Repair Stick, and Weicon Stainless Steel Care Spray and Fluid is available either by following these links, or contacting your local AG branch.




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