ASV CP 20 Chisel Paste; Copper Based 500g


CP 20 Chisel Paste; Copper Based 

Solid lubricants-based grease paste for lubrication of chisel bushings of hydraulic hammers and breakers



Product Description

Molysulf CP 20 chisel paste is formulated for withstanding extreme pressures, vibratory shocks, loads, temperatures and is specifically designed for use in hydraulic hammers, chisels, and breaker applications. Molysulf CP 20 chisel paste contains copper, graphite, anti-wear solid lubricants as friction modifiers and forms a long-lasting solid lubricants film of high load carrying capacity to protect surfaces from wear by reducing friction even after the hydrodynamic oil film is destroyed. Molysulf CP 20 increases equipment service life by ensuring lubrication even when exposed to harsh working and operating conditions as shock loads, water attack, temperatures, and pressures normal for construction equipment. Formulated employing a high drop point calcium sulphonate complex thickener, Molysulf CP 20 chisel paste is inherently adhesive, resistant to corrosion, water, water spray off, oxidation and exhibits excellent shear stability even under heavy loads.



For socket tools, pneumatic drills, chisel bushings, hydraulic hammers / breakers, and other power tools.


Directions for Use

Use as supplied. Never dilute or mix with other oil or grease. Clean and degrease the surface of all previous residues prior to application. This paste can be applied manually or by centralized lubrication systems.


Caution:Do not use on bearings.



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