ELRING Dirko Grey Silicone SEALANT TUBE-70 ml

ELRING Dirko Grey Silicone SEALANT TUBE-70 ml

سيليكون رمادي سد الأسطح والفجوات والشقوق ، بما في ذلك المكونات التي تخضع للتشوهات والحركات ، مثل المحركات وعلب التروس والآلات

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Dirko® is a pasty, elastic, cold-vulcanizing sealing compound based on silicone rubber with excellent adhesion effect to metallic and non-metalic surfaces. Dirko® is used to seal surfaces, gaps and cracks, including components that are subject to distortions and motions, such as engines, gearboxes, machines, pumps, ships, equipment assemblies as well as in connection with drying, air-conditioning and cooling units and for hobby needs. Dirko® cannot be painted or varnished.

Typical applications:

Cars: Connecting joints, cylinder head, crankcase, oil sump, timing case, thermostat, water pump, transmission, axles, differential, radiator, chassis, (cannot be overpainted).

Motorcycles: Crankcase, cylinder block.

Other applications: Engines, machines and assemblies, for hobbies and doit-yourselfes.


The surfaces to be sealed have to be cleaned and degreased, preferably using spirit or similar solvent. Hardened silicone remnants can be removed using Elring Special Silicone Solvent. Perfect sealing or adherence of the sealing compound when fully cured is ensured only if the surfaces are absolutely clean and grease-free.


If too much sealing compound is applied, it can drip into the interior. Depending on requirements, the parts can be assembled either immediately after application, after the skin has formed or after full curing.


Processing mechanically or pneumatically equipment operated hand-held pistols or automatic dosing systems.Supplier information on request: Equipment cleaning Spirit, only mechanical removal once compound is fully cured.




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