Asmaco RTV High-Temp Gasket Maker Red , 85g

Asmaco RTV High-Temp Gasket Maker Red , 85g

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إنه صانع حشية سيليكون على شكل مكون واحد ومناسب لاستبدال معظم الحشيات الرغوية / المقطوعة مسبقًا. إنه سريع المعالجة ويرغى أي شكل على الفور. عند المعالجة ، تكون الحشية مرنة بشكل دائم ، ومقاومة للتشقق ، والانكماش ، ومقاومة للزيت والماء ومضادات التجمد وسوائل النقل. يمكن استخدامه بشكل فعال لإغلاق أغطية سلسلة توقيت السيارات ، والأغطية التفاضلية وحواف مستنقع الزيت ، إلخ … مع درجات الحرارة والضغط الشديدة.

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ASMACO RTV is single component form – in – place silicone gasket maker suitable for replacing most of pre-foamed / cut gaskets. It is fast curing and foams any shape immediately. On curing, gasket is permanently flexible, resistant to cracking, shrinking and resistant to Oil, water, Anti-freeze and transmission fluids. It can be effectively used for sealing automobile timing chain covers, differential covers and oil sump flanges etc…With stands extreme temperatures and pressure.


• Easy – to – use one component type.

• Cures at room temperature at ambient humidity conditions.

• Substitute for cut gaskets / pre-foamed gaskets

• Resistant up to 300o C

• Withstands more than 150psi pressure.


Remove old gaskets, oil, grease etc.. Clean all surface thoroughly and prepare flange surface. Remove the cap and puncture inner seal using the other side of the cap. Cut the nozzle to required size and screw on to the thread. Continuously apply uniformly 1/16th to 1/8th beads around the perimeter of one surface. Completely surround all bolt holes. Wait for 10 minutes to foam surface skin on gasket and then assemble the parts. Different surfaces such as Oil pans, Transmission pans, Valve covers, Valves and guides, Timing gear covers, Differential covers


The time required for curing is affected by atmospheric conditions like relative humidity and temperature, degree of confinement and thickness of the sealant. The product cures at a rate of 3mm per day @ 25oC and a relative humidity of 50%. Less moisture content reduces the rate of cure. Curing time increases with thickness. The application in confined spaces generally lengthens the curing process. It is possible that in total confinement the curing will not be complete and this will result in the softening of the sealant in elevated temperatures. Metal to metal bonds should not overlap more than one inch. Every application involving confinement while curing must be thoroughly tested before commercialization. Install backing material or joint filler, setting blocks, spacer shims and tapes. Mask areas adjacent to joints to ensure neat sealant lines. Primer is generally not required on non-porous surfaces, but may be necessary for optimal sealing of certain porous surfaces. A test placement is always recommended. Apply ASMACO RTV SILICONE GASKET MAKER Silicone Sealant in a continuous operation using positive pressure. (The sealant can be applied using many types of air-operated guns and most types of bulk dispensing equipment.) Before a skin forms (typically within 5 minutes), tool the sealant with light pressure to spread the sealant against the backing material and joint surfaces. Remove masking tape as soon as the bead is tooled.




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