LIQUI-MOLY Leak Finder Spray ,400ml (Made in Germany)


Leck-Such-Spray | Leak Finder Spray

Fluid for finding leaky points in gas and compressed air. Leak detection spray finds leaky points in containers, pipelines, hoses, threaded connections, welds, flange connections and fittings. Water-soluble, biodegradable test fluid filled with environmentally friendly propulsion gas. The good foam formation ensures sparing and reliable application.

Intended use

In automotive maintenance during repairs on compressed air brake systems and air conditioners (trucks, busses, cars, commercial vehicles). For localizing leaky points in tires, hoses, welders. In industry during test and maintenance work on compressed air, gas lines and plants.


Leak Finder Spray is a leak test fluid for compressed air, oxygen systems and CNG gas vehicles. Once the fluid is sprayed onto the surface, it indicates where the leaks are by forming bubbles over them.


  • Biologically degradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Miscible with water
  • High capacity
  • Outstanding foaming behavior

Areas of application

    Motor vehicle maintenance : Repair work on compressed-air brake systems on HGVs, buses and commercial vehicles; welding equipment.

Industry: Test and maintenance work on compressed air and all gas lines including oxygen.

Medicine : Testing OP fittings for an aesthetic apparatus and resuscitating equipment.

Household and sport : Domestic and municipal gas lines, diving


Spray an appropriate amount of Leak Finder Spray onto the components to be tested.



ليكوي مولي

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