ASV Silicon Lube Food Grade Spray 500ml

ASV Silicon Lube Food Grade Spray 500ml

سيليكون لوب
درجة حرارة عالية لإطلاق القوالب مواد التشحيم وعامل الفصل ‘NSF H-1 المعتمد لتطبيقات درجة الغذاء

وصف المنتج
ASV ‘Silicone Lube عبارة عن عامل تحرير قوالب مصنوع من السيليكون شديد التحمل تم تركيبه لتوفير أقصى قدر من الإطلاقات نظرًا لجودته العالية ومحتواه العالي من السيليكون وتقليل الالتصاق والأسباب الأخرى للتشكيل. يسمح بإزالة الأحواض بسهولة من القوالب نظرًا لطبيعة مقاومة الالتصاق المتأصلة فيها ويحسن تشطيب السطح للجزء المصبوب.

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Silicone Lube
High Temperature Mold Release Lubricant & Separation Agent ‘ NSF H-1 Approved For Food Grade Applications

Product Description
ASV‘ Silicone Lube is a heavyeduty silicone based mold release agent formulated to provide maximum releases due to its high quality and higher silicone content and minimize sticking and other causes for reiections. It allows easy removal of pans from molds due to its inherent anti stick nature and improves surface finish of molded part.
ASV Silicone Lube is non—staining and odorless and does not contain any ozone depleting chemicals or CFC‘s.

ASV Silicone Lube is designed for use as a release agent in molding processes for rubber, polystyrenes, polyurethane foams, plastic, metal castings and elastomeric materials Where a NSF H-1 approved lubricant is required.
ASV“ Silicone Lube is also suitable for lubrication and preventing sticking of plastic and rubber components, oil seals, slides, conveyor belts, guides and similar parts in the food processing industiy where a NSF H—1 approved lubricant lS required.

– High quality heavy—duty silicone prevents sticking
– Provides maximum efficiency & economy
– Fewer rejects & more production
– Excellent for high temperatures
– Improves product surface finish
– Non—stainlng & non—corrosive
– fiuited for food grade applications

Directions for Use
Shake can well before using. Hold can l0-12″ from surface and spray a thin, light coating Do not spray directly on plastics.

Contains flammable solvents and propellant. Do not spray near naked flame, hot surfaces or energized equipment.
Use with adequate ventilation.



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