Alumilite-High Strength 3 Liquid Mold Making Rubber, Pink, 1 lb

Alumilite-High Strength 3 Liquid Mold Making Rubber, Pink, 1 lb

إنه قالب سيليكون عالي القوة 3 لصنع المطاط هو قالب السيليكون الأكثر مرونة لدينا لصنع المطاط وهو رائع لصنع قوالب الأجزاء ذات التجاويف العميقة أو المسودات السلبية.

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Alumilite’s High Strength 3 silicone mold making rubber is our most flexible silicone mold making rubber and is great for making molds of parts with deep undercuts or negative drafts. The High Strength 3’s flexibility and high tear strength give it the ability to reduce seam lines by making one piece molds rather than multiple piece molds where seam line removal is critical. The High Strength 3 is a tin base silicone and cures against all different types of clay and substrate. The tin base silicone is a condensation cure and therefore temperature and humidity may affect the cure speed of the rubber. The High Strength 3 has a low viscosity which does not require degassing (always recommended when available) and will pick up the exact detail of your original.  Use Alumilite’s Rubber to Rubber mold release or petroleum jelly when making 2-piece molds when using the High Strength 3 rubber due to it’s extremely high tear strength.

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