ASV Freeze & Release Spray, 500ml

ASV Freeze & Release Spray, 500ml

  •  Freezing action quickly breaks apart rust
  •  Penetrates deeply through rust to loosen scale and corroded
    or frozen parts
  •  Leaves a thin film to prevent formation of rust or corrosion
  •  Cleans & removes oils, greases and other light
  •  360° Valve allows product to be sprayed in any positioneven inverted
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Freeze & Fault Detect

Coolant Spray

For Rapid Chilling & Instant Diagnostics of Equipment


Product Description:


ASV Freeze & Fault Detect is a nonflammable coolant spray for intermittent testing of electronic components. It locates faulty components suspected of thermal intermittent

failure & shorts by cold shock chilling. lt is also suitable for heat shrink fitting of electrical parts during assembly and for protection of heat sensitive parts from high temperatures

during soldering or desoldering processes. Freeze & Fault Detect contains no chlorinated solvents, CFCs or any known ozone depleting chemicals.



–  Detects cold solder joints, cracks in printed circuit boards and oxidized iunctions

–  Enables low temperature testing of electronic and electromechanical systems

–  No risk of combustion as it is absolutely non~flammable

–  Completely moisture free, non—conductive, inert and safe to use on all surfaces

–  Leaves no residue and does not contaminate substrates

– Quickly locates faults by cold shock chilling

–  Causes immediate reduction in temperatures up to -49°C

–  360° Valve allows product to be sprayed in any position



–  Locating faulty components suspected of failure as integrated circuits, semi-conductors, connectors

–  Useful for testing electronic components. thermostats. control systems, thermal valves, ignition systems

–  Protection of heat sensitive parts from high temperatures during soldering or desoldering processes

–  Heat shrink for electrical parts assembly

–  Coolant for electronic and electrical use

–  Preventing cold soldering of joints


Directions for Use

Ensure that the spray head is aimed at the surface to be chilled. Use extension tube for pin point application. Let suspected faulty circuit heat up to normal operating

temperature or until intermittent fault occurs Spray single suspected component at a time until chilled to give instant change of output. Check on soft and sensitive plastic parts by

spraying on a small area. Overspray may cause blistering of PCB circuit coatings. DO NOT SPRAY ON SKIN AS FREEZANT





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