Nissen Low Chloride Feltip Paint Marker – Made in USA

Nissen Low Chloride Feltip Paint Marker – Made in USA

قلم تحديد من نيسان صناعي يستخدم للتحديد على الحديد والكراتين وغيرها ولايزول بسهولة مقاوم للماء والسوائل ويتحمل العوامل الجوية كالرطوبة وغيرها له عد الوان مختلفة

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Available Colors: Black, Blue and Red

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All of our Low Chloride Feltip Paint Markers meet or exceed the requirements of the United States Energy Research and Development Administration’s RDT Standard F-7-3T. An independent laboratory’s Certification of Analysis is traceable to the marker and is available for all of our Low Chloride Markers. All markers intended for use on Stainless Steel must have only trace amounts of halogens, sulfur, and low-melting metals to prevent cracking or weakening of the metal.

The Nissen Low Chloride Feltip Paint Marker utilizes a valve action to dispense a fast-drying, high gloss enamel paint.

  • Marks on rough, smooth, wet, oily, or dry surfaces.
  • Marks will withstand heat and weathering; they won’t chip, peel, fade, or rub-off.
  • Available in 4 bright, high-gloss colors.
  • Long-lasting replaceable 1/8 in. fiber tips.




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