MAGNAFLUX MAGNAVIS WCP-2 (white contrast paint) – 400 ml (MADE IN UK)


Magnavis® WCP-2 Contrast Paint

Magnavis® WCP-2 Contrast Paint provides a white background that enhances magnetic particle indications.

Magnavis® WCP-2 is composed of acetone and inorganic pigments and utilizes a carbon dioxide aerosol propellant for ease of application


Specifications Compliance

BS 5044

Part Number and Container Size

  • 01-2250-78: 16 fl. oz. Aerosol (12)



WCP-2 is designed for use in applications where the contrast in color between the part being tested and the magnetic particles being used is insufficient for reliable identification of flaws. WCP-2 can be used with both dry and wet-method magnetic particles. Parts should be cleaned and dried prior to testing to ensure a more uniform test surface. Shake WCP-2 to ensure uniform distribution of particles. Apply a uniform thin film of WCP-2 to the test surface. Wait one minute to allow the WCP-2 film to dry. Apply magnetic particles to the test surface. Observe indications formed around leakage fields. If base material has a high retentivity, indications will remain visible. If base material has a low retentivity, the indications will appear to slowly fade away.

WCP-2 is composed of acetone and inorganic pigments. The aerosol propellant is carbon dioxide.

Post Inspection Cleaning
The parts must be properly demagnetized before cleaning to ensure ease of particle removal. Acetone will remove WCP-2.



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