ASV 1000 Silicone Compound Grease

ASV 1000 Silicone Compound Grease

شحم سيليكون صلب غير قابل للذوبان مثل المركب لاستخدامه كمواد تشحيم للصمام
زيوت التشحيم للحلقات على شكل O ، والعبوات ، والمطاط ، والحشيات ، وموانع التسرب المصغرة لتوفير مقاومة للماء ، والمواد الكيميائية ، والأكسدة ، وتوفير ثبات ثابت. أنظمة الفراغ العادية والعالية مواد التشحيم لصمامات السدادة المشحمة بالضغط ، محامل ow متر ، وخزانات المكونات الخزفية مانع التسرب لأنظمة الفراغ والضغط مانع التسرب بين المطاط الصناعي أو الأجزاء البلاستيكية لمنعها من الالتصاق في الفراغ أو أنظمة الضغط الحاجز الكيميائي والطلاء المقاوم لـ معدات المعالجة الكيميائية وسائط التخميد لأواني القيادة الكهربائية والإلكترونية

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Stiff, non melting silicone grease like compound for use as a valve lubricant cum sealant

Applications Lubricant for O-rings, packings, rubbers, gaskets, miniature bearing seals to provide resistance to water, chemicals, oxidation and provide themwal stability Lubrication of pneumatic control valves, fire extinguishers and water softener valves Sealant and lubricant for glass joints and stopcocks in normal as well as high vacuum systems Lubricant for pressure lubricated plug valves, flow meter bearings, ceramic plug cocks Sealant for vacuum and pressure systems Sealant between synthetic rubber or plastic parts to prevent them from sticking in vacuum or pressure systems Chemical barrier and resistant coating for chemical processing equipment Damping media for dash pots in electrical and electronic


Assembly agent for holding rubbers and other parts due to its highly tacky nature

All ingredients comply with regulations for food grade materials



– Wide service temperature range from -40°C to + 200°C

– Very good oxidation resistance

– Completely resistant to water, steam, humidity and corrosives

– Low vapor pressure and low volatility

– Compatible with plastics, rubbers, elastomers, and other  gasketing and O-ring seal materials

– Prevents age hardening, stress cracking and maintains resilience of plastics

– Non gumming, non melting and non toxic

– Provides good lubricating and sealing properties for rubbers and plastics

– Chemically inert and resistant to most chemicals, hot and cold water, vegetable and mineral oils, dilute acids and alkalis, glycerin, ethanol, methanol, butane, steam, natural

gas, ethylene glycol, most organic and inorganic chemicals and aqueous solutions.

Directions for Use

Use as supplied. Never dilute or mix with other oil or grease.

Apply by means of hand, bmsh or putty knife. Can also be dispersed in solvents like mineral spirits, xylene or methyl ethyl ketone for thinning the consistency and making it easier to

apply by brushing, dipping or spraying.



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