ASV 1600 – Dry Film PTFE Lubricant, Air Cure 500ml

ASV 1600 – Dry Film PTFE Lubricant, Air Cure 500ml

  •  Lowers friction, prevents galling and seizure
  •  Does not attract dust and resists buildup
  •  Non-staining, chemically inert and safe on most materials
  •  Prevents metal-to-metal contact, reduces friction and wear
  •  Quick bonding, air-drying and does not require any special
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Product Description

(PTFE) solid film lubricants. It offers ultra-high lubricity when applied to a variety of sunaces and exhibits excellent anti-stick properties. It prevents metal-to-metal contact under extreme temperatures and pressure conditions and provides complete protection against wear, friction and corrosion.

– Lubrication of mating, sliding, oscillating surfaces subject to wear and heavy loads as in mechanical equipment like nuts, bolts, connectors, locks, valves, sleeves, studs, flanges, open chains, pivot pins, small gears, linkages.
piston rods, adjustment bolts, rings, pipetittings and similar hardware.
– As a non—staining, long—term lubricant for components of textile machinery, instruments, food processing machines.
– For metalworking operations as drawing. punching, rolling & extrusion.
– Excellent for use where cleanliness and non-contamination are critical as in electrical equipment, cables, switches, power saw blades, gaskets, bearings and chain devices.
– Lubrication of leather, plastics, elastomers and other gasketirig material where it also provides a sealing action.
– Useful where silicone cannot be tolerated as it is also safe on rubber, wood, metals, glass and leather.
– As a release agent for molding rubber and plastic parts.

Lowers friction, prevents galling and seizure
Does not attract dust and resists buildup
Prevents metal—to—metal contact, reduces friction and wear
Withstands corrosive and hostile environments
Operating temperature range from 480°C to +250°C
Directions for Use
Use as supplied. Never dilute or mix with other oil or grease.
Shake the can vigorously for a couple of minutes before spraying till the bearing noise from inside the container is audible. Repeat before every application. Spray onto a clean, dry and degreased surface. Only athin film of this lubricant is required. Allow solvents to evaporate. Spray from a distance of 2O—30 cms.
Repeat if necessary. Excess lubricant may fall off during assembly. For cleaning the valve dip-tube after spraying, invert the can and depress the actuator button for a
few shon bursts till only the clear propellant comes out.
Caution (aerosol)
Contains flammable solvents and propellant. Do not spray near naked flame, not surfaces or energized equipment.
Use with adequate ventilation.



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