ASV 1330 , Synthetic High Temp Chain Lubricants ,500 ML

ASV 1330 , Synthetic High Temp Chain Lubricants ,500 ML

  •  Special friction reducing additives reduce wear
  •  High load carrying and extreme pressure properties
  •  Highly adhesive with very good vertical cling properties
    and does not get thrown off or drip off
  •  Very good oxidation resistance
  •  Eliminates metal-to-metal contact and offers excellent
    protection against friction and wear
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Product Description :
ASV 1330 is a highly adhesive oil developed primarily for lubrication of chains operating under adverse conditions of high temperatures,oxidation,water attack,wear and friction,Fortified with special organic friction-reducing and extreme pressure additives including organo molybdenum complex additives,it penetrates to innermost points and forms a stable wear reducing film provide effective heavy duty lubrication under high loads and pressures.its special adhesion improvers prevent the oil from being thrown off or flinging off to ensure maximum lubrication.ASV1330 offers excellent resistance to water,steam,weathering influences and protects surfaces from corrosion.It does not contain CFCs or any ozone depleting chemicals.

-Open chains under water or steam attack
-Wire ropes and steel cables
-Chains in dirty or dusty environment
-Roller chains and mechainical components operating under water & exposed to  corrosive & humid marine environments

direction for use :

Apply on all clean sliding surfaces by normal greasing
methods i.e. by brush, grease gun or dispense via centralized
lubrication systems. Do not mix with other oils or grease.



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