ASV A 120 Metal Free Paste High Purity 50gram

ASV A 120 Metal Free Paste High Purity 50gram

  •  Extremely wide service temperature range of -40°C to
  •  Very high purity level (extremely low sulfur and chlorine
  •  Low coefficient of friction
  •  Makes disassembly very easy and non-destructive even
    after long operational periods at high temperatures and
    adverse working environments
  •  Lead and nickel free
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ASV A 120 Metal Free Paste High Purity 


Product Description

Metal free high purity paste for preventing seizure at high temperatures especially for components made of special & proprietary steels.




For preventing seizure of all threaded connections operating at high temperatures especially those made of steel, stainless steel, heat resistant steel and proprietary alloys e.g., ni-based alloys commonly used in gas, thermal and nuclear power generating plants, chemical plants, paper processing machinery, refineries.

Heavy-duty thread compound for studs, nuts, bolts, slides, gaskets, valve stems, spindles, exhaust pipes, cylinder and engine head screws, steam lines, fittings.


Directions for Use

Clean and degrease the surface of all previous residues prior to application. With a wire brush, apply the paste in adequate quantity on the thread surface and right down up to the base stem of the thread. The excess paste need not be removed as it provides a good sealing effect. Do not mix with other oils or grease. Ensure that the paste applying media has not been used for any other purposes other than for application of this paste only to maintain purity levels and avoid contamination.



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