ASV RG MoS2 Based Universal Assembly Paste 1 kg

ASV RG MoS2 Based Universal Assembly Paste 1 kg

معجون ثنائي كبريتيد الموليبدينوم (M082) وزيوت التشحيم الصلبة للتشغيل الفعال ، والتجميع ، وتركيب الكبس ، وتطبيقات منع الاستيلاء

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Molybdenum disulfide (M082) and solid lubricants based paste for effective running in, assembly, press fitting and anti seize applications

– As a running—in, metal priming paste for all new or rebuilt mechanical equipment such as journal bearings. Gear boxes, splines.
– As a press fitting lubricant to reduce press-fitting power required and prevent misalignment, seizure, wear, distortion especially under heavy load conditions.
– For lubrication of all sliding metal surfaces to reduce wear, friction and prevent cold-welding of surfaces such as for shafts, bushes, splined shafts, pumps, valves, threaded
spindles, toothed gears, worm gears and transmission gears, lead screws, machine tool guides, pumps, flanges, antifrlction bearings.
– As a metalworking lubricant to prevent galling, seizure, welding and metal pick up on tools and dies in deep drawing, machining, punching, stamping, thread rolling, cold heading, swaging and forging.
– As a universal assembly paste to reduce tightening torque required; for enabling easy and non-destructive disassembly of components after long operational hours under operating and temperature variations.
– As an antifrictioh and antiwear lubricant for heavily loaded surfaces under slow sliding speeds for preventing cold welding of sliding surfaces under heavy loads.
– As a standard anti seize compound for all threaded connections during assembly stage for maintenance free dismantling.

– Extremely wide service temperature range of —25°C to +450°C (up to +630“C in areas with restricted air access)
– Low coefficient of friction
– High pressure withstanding capacity
– Load bearing capacity exceeds the yield point of most metals
– Offers protection from wear and friction
– Eliminates metal—to—metal contact
– Prevents seizure, scoring, galling, fretting corrosion and stick slip
– Makes disassembly easier and non~destructive irrespective of operational period or conditions
– Economical to use owing to its high surface coverage capacity
– Aids running in and provides emergency lubrication during start ups
– Prevents cold welding and stick slip
– Good affinity for metal surfaces

Directions for Use
Clean the sliding surfaces and friction points. Apply this paste with a brush or cloth and rub intensively on the metal surface to form athin uniform film Do not use in excess as is
customary with greases Do not mix with other oils or grease



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