Asv 1700 Graphite Dry Film Lubricant , 500ml

Asv 1700 Graphite Dry Film Lubricant , 500ml

  •  Lowers friction, prevents galling and seizure
  • Does not attract dust and resists dirt buildup
  • Provides oil free lubrication to sliding components
  •  Withstands high temperatures up to +500°C
  •  Prevents metal-to-metal contact and reduces wear and tear
    of machinery
  •  Quick bonding, air-drying and does not require any special
     Does not dislodge or blow away under high loads and
     Withstands corrosive and hostile environments
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Product Description:
ASV®1700 is a combination of specially processed micro fine graphite solid film lubricant and special anti-wear additives. On spraying, it deposits a thin film that air dries quickly without requiring any baking or heating. It bonds onto metal surfaces to form a coating to protect the surface from wear and friction and provides lubrication under hostile operating conditions of temperatures and high loadings. It has very good resistance to water and chemicals and is electrically conductive.

For electrically conductive applications as in cathode ray tubes and for protection and lubrication of electrical components.
As a conductive coating / sealant for preventing bimetallic
corrosion, arcing, heat freezing and for improving low
conductivity in electrical parts such as contactors, air circuit
breakers, bus bars, isolator jaw breakers in 11KV and
higher voltage systems.

Directions for Use:
Shake the can vigorously for a couple of minutes before
spraying till the bearing noise from inside the container is
audible. Repeat before every application. Spray onto a clean,
dry and degreased surface. Only a thin film of this lubricant is
required. Allow solvents to evaporate. Spray from a distance
of 20-30 cms. Repeat if necessary. Excess lubricant may fall
off during assembly. For cleaning the valve dip-tube after
spraying, invert the can and depress the actuator button for a
few short bursts till only the clear propellant comes out.





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