ASV KL 290 Synthetic Chain Oil For High Temperatures 1 Liter


ASV KL 290 Synthetic Chain Oil For High Temperatures 1 Liter

  •  Extremely wide service temperature range from
    -15 to +225°C
  •  Very good extreme pressure properties enhance load
    carrying abilities and reduces frictional wear
  •  Extremely low evaporation rate at high temperatures
  •  Absolute synthetic formulation benefits in terms of no
    carbon or resinous deposit even at high temperatures
  •  Reduces cost related to chain cleaning such as labor,
    production loss and downtime
  •  Lower evaporation rate reduces consumption and allows
    for extension of lubrication periods thereby cutting down
    on lubrication costs
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ASV KL 290 Synthetic Chain Oil For High Temperatures 

Non-Carbonizing Synthetic Oil For Lubrication of Chains Operating At High Temperatures



High speed tenter frames in textile industry, glass works, paint booths, automotive assembly lines, varnish curing booths, open chains in industry, steel plants, paper and plywood manufacturing units, ceramic processing plants, latex manufacturing plants, lubrication of all chains, clips, bearings.


Directions for Use

Use as supplied. Never dilute or mix with other oil or grease. For optimal lubrication and adhesion, clean and degrease the surface of all previous residues, lubricants, or contaminants. Apply to clean surface by regular oiling methods i.e., by brushing, spraying, dipping or drop feed oiling mechanisms. Allow time for lubricant to penetrate and excess lubricant to drip off before restarting operations. For new chains: Thoroughly clean prior to applying this lubricant. It is recommended to keep new chains dipped in the lubricant for 30 minutes to ensure complete penetration to all innermost points. Avoid excessive use. Use as per instructions laid down in manufacturers manual. Replace cap after use.



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