ASV FMG 600 Food Grade Synthetic Grease 500gram

ASV FMG 600 Food Grade Synthetic Grease 500gram

  •  NSF H-1 Registration Certificate # 162678
  •  Highly oxidation stable
  •  Water resistant and prevents corrosion
  •  Lowers friction and operating noise levels
  •  Good corrosion protection
  •  Resistant to oxidation and ageing
  •  Very good low temperature performance
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Product Description

FMG 600 is a NLGI Class 2 food grade grease based on premium quality NSF H1 registered synthetic hydrocarbon base oils (PAO) and an aluminum complex thickener. It inherently possesses excellent lubricating qualities along with a high degree of water resistance and is ideal for lubrication of almost any type of application requiring a food grade lubricant.

FMG 600 exhibits exceptional thermal and mechanical stability, high drop point and high load carrying capacity and provides high performance lubrication when subjected to high temperatures.

FMG 600 is ideally suited for lubrication of bearings operating under low to medium speeds under low to medium loads and exposed to extreme temperatures.

FMG 600 food grade grease is designed for use in a variety of industrial applications where regulations specify H1 grease for incidental food contact.

FMG 600 food grade grease is formulated using nontoxic ingredients and food grade additives and meets FDA and NSF H1 requirements. Also available as FMG 600/00 semi fluid food grade grease for centralized lubrication or gear box applications.


Directions for Use

Apply on all clean sliding surfaces by normal greasing methods i.e., by brush, grease gun or dispense via centralized lubrication systems. Do not mix with other oils or grease.



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