Asmaco Epoxy Steel 4 Minutes (2 oz. , 57g)

Asmaco Epoxy Steel 4 Minutes (2 oz. , 57g)

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إنه لاصق إيبوكسي ذو جزأين معالج مناسب للاستخدامات العامة وأعمال إصلاح الأجزاء المعدنية. هذا لاصق سريع التصلب بوعاء قصير العمر من 4 دقائق. تطور شركة Asmaco Epoxy Steel قوتها بنسبة 70٪ في ساعة واحدة. المنتج قوي بما يكفي لتحمل أحمال التصادم. يمكن تشكيل منتج المعالجة باستخدام عمليات التصنيع الشائعة.

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Asmaco Epoxy Steel is a two part ambient curing Epoxy adhesive suitable for general purpose applications and repair works of metal parts. This is a quick curing adhesive with a short pot life of 4minutes. Asmaco Epoxy Steel develops it’s 70% of strength in one hour. The product is tough enough to take impact loads. The cure product can be machined using common machining operations.


• Ambient temperature curing

• Fast curing

• Convenient mix ratio of 1: 1 by weight / volume

• No shrinkage

• Can be shaped through machining and best suited for metal repairs

• Resistant to solvents and water

• Good resistance to oils

• Good adhesion on metals, wood, glass, ceramics and many of the plastics

• Steel filled to give optimum performance


Clean the surfaces to be bonded / repaired to ensure that they are clean from rust, dust, oils and greases. Squeeze out equal quantities of resin and hardener and mix well to get a homogeneous uniform grey coloured mix. Apply the adhesive on both the surfaces and join the surfaces together. Maintain the contact pressure till the adhesive is set. Machining and shaping can be done after 18 / 24 hours




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