Hylomar M (Previously known as RACING FORMULA)

Hylomar M (Previously known as RACING FORMULA)

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Hylomar® M (Previously known as RACING FORMULA)

Hylomar M (previously known as Racing Formula) is an acetone based version of Hylomar Univeral Blue. The only noticeable physical difference between the Hylomar M and the original Hylomar Universal Blue is the acetone version exhibits increased adhesive properties when compared to the standard Hylomar Universal Blue. Thus, making it an ideal product for high performance applications. Therefore, it is used by Formula One and NASCAR® race teams. Typical applications include coating of pre-formed gaskets, water and oil pumps, cylinder heads and sumps, inlet manifolds, timing case covers, gear box and transmission components, thread sealing or for use on finely machined surfaces.

Hylomar M is a specially formulated non-setting gasket and jointing compound based on the Hylomar Universal Blue technology but with a non-chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent carrier. The product is particularly effective for sealing close fitting flanges which are subject to vibration and operates at temperatures from minus 50 to plus 250 degrees C.

Because Hylomar M is non-setting it allows for unlimited assembly time which is particularly useful on large industrial components that may take several hours to build. The low cohesive strength of the product also allows for easy dissassembly.

Hylomar M is resistant to a wide range of fluids, including all industrial fuels, oils, water, brine, air, turbine & piston engine combustion products, water, water/glycol, methanol mixtures, petroleum & synthetic diester lubricating oils, gasoline, lubricating oils, gasoline, kerosene fluids and most fluorocarbon refrigerants.

Hylomar M can be used to seal joint faces or threaded components and can be used as a form in place sealant to replace a preformed gasket or as a gasket dressing.


▪ Same basic formula as the Universal Blue but with acetone as a base solvent. The use of acetone results in slightly tackier material and slightly higher adhesion.

▪ This version was previously known as Hylomar Racing Formula.




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