WEICON Fast-Metal Minute Adhesive , 24 ml

WEICON Fast-Metal Minute Adhesive , 24 ml

  • With a high solids content, pasty
  • Very short pot life, fast-curing
  • Gap-filling, residual elasticity
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WEICON Fast-Metal Minute Adhesive
  • with a high solids content, pasty
  • very short pot life, fast-curing
  • gap-filling, residual elasticity
WEICON Fast-Metal Minute Adhesive is ideal for repairs and bondings with larger bonding gaps or bigger tolerances. The gap filling properties make it suitable for rough and poorly fitting surfaces but also to fill in cracks, cavities and unlevelled surfaces.
Fast-Metal Minute Adhesive can be used on numerous materials such as metal, plastic, fibre reinforced materials, ceramics, glass, stone and wood.
ISSA: 75.629.51

IMPA: 81 29 81


Technical Data
Basis epoxy resin
Nature paste consistency, crack-filler
Supplied in double syringe
Content 24 ml
Mixing ratio by volume (Resin/Hardener) 1 : 1
Pot life with 10 ml material at +20°C 3-4 Min.
Density of the mixture 1,80 g/cm³
Viscosity of the mixture at +20°C 300.000 mPa·s
Processing temperature +10 bis +30 °C
Curing temperature +6 bis +40 °C
Colour grey
Gap covering power to max. 4 mm
Handling strength (35% strength/+20°C) after 40 Min.
Capable of bearing mechanical loads(50% strength/+20°C) after 2 h
Final strength (100% strength/+20°C) after 1 day(s)
Pressure 10 MPa
Tensile 24 MPa
Torsion 58 MPa
Shore hardness D 70
Steel, sand-blasted 20 N/mm²
Aluminium, sand-blasted 19 N/mm²
Rigid PVC, roughened 11 N/mm²
Temperature resistance -50 bis +145 °C




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