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ASV RL 1 Wire Rope Lubricant

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ASV RL 1 Wire Rope Lubricant

Heavy Duty,extreme pressure semi fluid grease with Mos2 solid lubricant

Product Description :

ASV RL1 is a highly adhesive,semi fluid extreme pressure grease for lubrication and corrosion protection of wire ropes and steel cables operating under adverse conditions of load,temperatures or environment.It penetrates rapidly through wire rope strands to leave a completely water resistant heavy duty lubricating film which provides both internal as well as external lubrication & corrosion protection.The solid lubricants prevent wearing and premature damage of internal strands and increase the life of the wire ropes.ASV RL 1 forms a protective and lubricating water proof film over the surface which does not emulsify even if submerged in water.


ON wire ropes and steel cables in all cranes,ships,hoists,elevators especially exposed to marine envirnment or under adverse operating conditions.

Benefits : 
-Protect against heavy loads,galling and seizing
-Molybdenum disulfide solid lubricant & EP additives withstand high loads and pressures
-Reduce wear and friction
-Resists vibratory shocks
-Does not break down or melt or fling under prolonged use
-Effectively Provides lubrication & corrosion protection even to the innermost strands