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ASV SS CLEAN 1 Cleaner / Degreaser For Stainless Steel

Product Category: 
Cleaner & Degreaser
Content Size: 
Milli Liter (ml)

ASV SS CLEAN 1 Cleaner / Degreaser For Stainless Steel

Product Description :

ASV SS Clean 1 stainless steel cleaner spray is a non chlorinated fast drying cleaner / degreaser for cleaning, and protection of stainless stell ( matt and polished ).
ASV SS CLEAN 1 rapidly penetrates through grease,oils,dirt,dust and other contaminants and cleans equipment fast.It removes fingerprints and leaves a water repellant,non-staining,colorless film over the surface to prevent further making of finger prints and dirt for sticking to the surface.It has a pleasant citrus odor and does not contain any CFC's chlorinated solvents or ozone depleting chemicals.

Applications :

For Heavy duty cleaning / degreasing as well as polishing applications of all mechainical equipment,metal surfaces, components made of stainless steel, in or out door.

Benefits :

-Removes grease,oil,dirt,dust,sludge
-Non corrosive,nonconductive and non-staining
-Leaves ultrathin invisible protective residual film
-Safe on metals,most plastics,glass and ceramics
-Non Chlorinated formulation
-Fast penetrating and superior wetting action
-360 valve allows spraying in any position-even inverted