LIQUI-MOLY Universal Polish ,250ml (Made in Germany)


Universal Polish

Cleans, polishes and protects vehicle paints. High-quality plant-based and synthetic components permanently protect the paint against weather and the strain of frequent car washing. A brilliant and lush mirror finish is restored. Suitable for polishing machines.

Intended use

Polish developed for all commercially available vehicle paints with light to moderate signs of wear and tear. Slightly weathered and scratched vehicle paints regain their original appearance. Do not use on matt paints.


The universal polish permits to clean, polish, protect and service all customary car paints. High quality herbal and synthetic ingredients protect the paint in a long-lasting way against weather influences and the stress by frequent vehicle washes. Paints which are slightly weathered and scratched paints can restore their original aspect. Has a rain-repellent and a dirt repellent effect over a longer period of time and thus increases the weather resistance. The universal polish can be processed manually as well as by machines.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Protects against aggressive environmental
  • Influences
  • Smoothes the paint surface
  • Radiant high gloss
  • Excellent long-term protection

Areas of application

Polish developed for all customary car paints with slide or medium signs of use. Car paints which are slightly weathered and scratched paints can restore their original aspect.

 Do not use on matt paint!


The surfaces to be treated must be cleaned thoroughly first. Shake well the high-gloss polish, then pour onto a soft rag, a polishing cloth or a sponge and apply thinly and evenly using light pressure and circular movements. Only treat one section at a time. Afterwards, polish residues can be taken off easily with a soft and clean cloth (preferably microfibre cloth).



ليكوي مولي

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