Pipe Repair-Kit for a Quick Fix

Pipe Repair-Kit for a Quick Fix

Pipe repair can be a hassle at times. While it might be much more convenient to get a plumber to fix the plumbing, it will always be in your favor if you are well equipped on your end as well. One might have a major pipe burst, or the situation might be worse at times in order to give it a quick fix. However, there are ways in which one can handle things on their own with the help of a pipe repair kit.


These days, there are various products that one can get from the market. But that is only suggested in the case of an expert. And so there comes a kit in which anything and everything of requirement can be found. This is not only a sigh of relief for many, but also offers convenience in terms of how one does not have to go out and purchase different products.


Use & Advantages

When one gets such a product, they can find that it is extremely useful. Here are some of its uses:

  • It has Cordobond Steel Putty in it which is significant in helping with repairs pertaining to tears, cracks, holes, flaws and various other defects that might occur in steel and metals.
  • It is also useful in repairing pieces made of wood, pottery etc.
  • In case corrosion is a worry for one, then they can easily fill the corroded mortises with Cordobond Steel Putty in this kit and treat the area. This will also enable them to achieve hardened mortises which can definitely be drilled or mortised.
  • One can even go with extra reinforcement that can be achieved by covering the material that they are treating with Cordobond resin and glass fibre.



The Pipe Repair Kit is not only a quick fix, but also one that can be easily used as a permanent solution.

The set is designed for the emergency repair of defective and damaged pipes and pipelines.
It comprises one WEICON Repair Stick Steel, a special repair tape made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic, assembly instructions and a pair of protective gloves.
The repair tape is impregnated with a special resin and activated by contact with water.

The Pipe Repair Kit can be processed without any additional tools and is used for the reliable and permanent sealing of cracks and leaks. It is very easy and quick to use and shows excellent adhesive properties, high pressure and chemical resistance as well as temperature resistance up to 150°C. Within 30 minutes, the tape is fully cured and hard-wearing.

Due to the fabric properties of the tape, the resulting high flexibility and the simple processing, the repair kit is particularly suitable for sealing leaks in bends, T-pieces or in spaces difficult to access.

It can be used on many different surfaces such as stainless steel, aluminium, copper, PVC, many plastics, fibreglass, concrete, ceramics and rubber.

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