Glass Fibre Kit To The Rescue

Glass Fibre Kit To The Rescue

The one kit that contains everything that could come in handy for repairs is here! It is basically a polyester resin kit that contains certain products which are developed to be used as a solution to splits, cracks, and even holes. There are various applications of the product that make it one of the most popular ones. It is a solid base that can be used in a majority of paint systems.


What Does The Glass Fibre Kit Contains?

There are a number of products that constitute this kit, which are:

  • Resin
  • Hardener
  • Glass Fibre
  • A Mixing Cup
  • And lastly, Protective Gloves.


There are various sizes in which this kit comes in. As the size increases, the number of items also increases. For instance, the larger version of this kit contains products such as:

  • A Mixing Stick
  • A Measuring Beaker
  • An ½” Brush
  • An Opaque Polyester Laminating Resin
  • A Glass Fibre Matting Sheet
  • A 20g Red BPO Paste Hardener Sachet


One can go with any of the kits as per their convenience and requirement.


Advantages of the Glass Fibre Kit:

  • The product is perfectly sandable after 20 minutes and at a temperature of 20 C.
  • As mentioned earlier, it can repair holes as well. The holes however, have to be of size 25mm or less. In case of pinholes and imperfections, U-POL body filler is suggested to be used.
  • This is a product that blends in easily and can be covered by most of the primers and paint systems out there.
  • The versatility of the this kit is one that goes for almost all the metals that exclude certain plastics such as polypropylene, cellophane, polyethylene, and polystyrene.
  • The product can be used for many purposes such as repairs, rebuilding, resilience, waterproofing, construction, and much more.


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GRP-The Modern Composite Material

David’s Fastglas Glass Fibre Repair Kit is a polyester resin kit containing all you need to fabricate and repair, with many automotive uses and can be used in the home or at work. This kit contains all you need to repair, construct or mould with this fast and easy to use product.

Glass Fibre is a tough, lightweight and permanent material used in many of todays construction processes.

Glass fibre sheet is a soft and flexible cloth that can be easily cut to shape with scissors. Once it has been wetted with activated resin, it forms tough Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP)  which permanently retains it’s given shape and bonds to most materials. Fastglas resin can also be used as an adhesive, just clean and roughen the surface to ensure maximum results.

Contents for Large Glass Fibre Kit: 500 ml resin, hardener/activator, glass fibre matting, mixing tub and disposable gloves.

The small version of the kit contains 250ml opaque polyester laminating resin, a glass fibre matting sheet (25 x 110cm), mixing stick, measuring beaker / mixing cup, protective gloves, ½” brush, 10g red BPO paste hardener sachet and detailed instructions.

The Davids Fastglass Glass Fibre Kit is a polyester resin kit containing resin, hardener, glass fibre, mixing cup and protective gloves.

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