ASV Belt Dressing Anti Slip & Squeal Eliminator

ASV Belt Dressing Anti Slip & Squeal Eliminator

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إنه معالجة غير ملوثة ، وعالية اللصق ، ومقاومة للماء ، وزيوت التشحيم الاصطناعية لتكييف حزام نائب الرئيس لتحسين التماسك ومنع انزلاق الحزام لجميع الأحزمة المسطحة والدائرية وعلى شكل V. يحسن الجر ، ويمنع تآكل الحزام المبكر ويزيل صرير الحزام أو ضوضاء الصرير. يعمل على تكييف الأحزمة البالية ويحافظ على مرونتها ومرونتها في مواجهة الصلابة مع تقليل الانزلاق والتشقق والتزجيج.

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Product Description

ASV Belt Dressing is a non-staining, high tack, water resistant, synthetic lubricant cum belt conditioning treatment for improving grippage and preventing belt slippage for all flat, round and V-belts. lt improves traction, prevents premature belt wearing off and eliminates belt squeaking or squealing noises. It conditions worn belts, maintains their flexibility and resilience to hardness while reducing slippage, cracking and glazing.



For use on all round, flat & V-belts in fans, pumps, machines, conveyors, air conditioners, textile machines, compressors, generators in all industrial machinery, conveyor systems,

motorized equipment and vehicles.



– Eliminates belt squeaking or squealing noises

– Provides for better operating efflciency

– Prevents hardening, glazing and premature cracking

– Increases life and tensile strength of belts

– Reduces energy loss through effective power transfer

– Maintains flexibility and resilience of belts


Directions for Use

Switch off the power and turn off the equipment before spraying this product. Protective guards or covers may have to be removed in some instances. Replace guards after

application. Spray from a distance of 6-8 inches a light, even film on the stationary inner surface of belt in contact with pulleys from both the sides. Spray enough only to cover the

length of the belt. Allow few minutes for the solvents to evaporate before restarting the equipment. Reapply occasionally to maintain full power and to optimize belt life. Not

for use on timing or serpentine belts.


Contains flammable solvents and propellant. Do not spray near naked flame, hot surfaces or energized equipment. Use with adequate ventilation.




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