ASV Enviro Electrical Contacts & Precision Equipment Cleaner 500ml


ASV Enviro Electrical Contacts & Precision Equipment Cleaner 500ml

اي اس في إينفايرو هو منظف عالي النقاء مصمم لتنظيف التوصيلات الكهربائية ونقاط التلامس وتحسين الأداء ومنع الأعطال.

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ASV Enviro Electrical Contacts & Precision Equipment Cleaner 500ml

Electrical Contact Cleaner, Fast Air Drying, Non-Residue, Offline Cleaner



Product Description

ASV® Enviro is a high purity cleaner designed to clean electrical connections and contacts and improve performance and prevent failures. It rapidly penetrates electrical, electronic, and metal parts to quickly clean and remove grease, oil, carbon, moisture, dirt, dust, oxides, and other light contaminants to quickly restore and regenerate heavily used and soiled contacts.

It is a highly effective cleaner that does not contain any CFC’s, HCFC’s, chlorinated solvents or any ozone depleting chemicals and is safe for use on most plastics, rubbers, metals and other elastomeric materials.



Contacts, controls, relays, PCB’s, switches, motors, connectors, generators, ignition systems, terminals, sensors, circuit breakers, plugs & sockets, fuse boxes, transformers, switchgears, bearings, generators, gears, tuners, busbars, connectors, potentiometers, solenoids, capacitors, communication equipment, oxygen systems, electrical equipment, electronic equipment, aviation equipment, industrial equipment.


Directions for Use

Turn off power before spraying. Never use on energized equipment. Spray using pin-point extension tube onto soiled surface and continue spraying liberally until only solvent runs out clearly and contaminants have been washed off. To remove heavy carbon or oxides, use a brush. Spray starting at the top of the surface and slowly working towards the bottom. Dry off the solvents from the electrical components completely before applying current.



Contains flammable solvents. Do not spray near naked flame, hot surfaces, or energized equipment. Use with adequate ventilation.



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