ASV GP 85 White Grease Paste 50g


ASV GP 85 White Grease Paste 

Non-staining white solid lubricant paste for metal assembly & long-term lubrication.



For all sliding metal surfaces exposed to heavy loads to prevent wear and provide effective lubrication under heavy loads.

For assembly of all metals to provide maintenance free lubrication and reduce wear and fretting corrosion.

For all applications involving the need for a white, clean lubricant where dark film products cannot be tolerated as in textile processing and plastic manufacturing machinery, domestic and electrical appliances and equipment, food, beverages and pharmaceutical processing machinery, office equipment, precision instruments, packaging machinery.


Directions for Use

Clean the sliding surfaces and friction points. Apply this paste with a brush, cloth, grease gun or via centralized dispensing systems. Excess lubricant is not harmful. Do not mix with other oils or grease.



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