LIQUI-MOLY Liquimate 2-Component Power Adhesive,25ml (Made in Germany )

LIQUI-MOLY Liquimate 2-Component Power Adhesive,25ml (Made in Germany )

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Liquimate 2-Component Power Adhesive

High-strength two-component methyl acrylate adhesive for long-lasting high-performance bonding of various materials (e.g. steel, aluminum, metals, heat-formable plastics, composite materials ABS, acrylics, PVC, GFRP, PC, PET, PU, etc.) to themselves and to each other. The rapid-hardening adhesive is extremely impact and peel-resistant and can be processed as required. Stable in the presence of gasoline, oil, mild acids and alkalis.

Intended use

Universal adhesive for body and vehicle construction, e.g. bumper, radiator, lights, handles, console parts, spoiler, telephone and speaker attachment. Replacement mixer (Mixer tip with thread, part no. 6029).


 2K Power Adhesive is a high-strength, two-components methyl acrylate adhesive for permanent high performance adhesions of various materials (e.g. steel, aluminium, metals, heat-deformable plastics, composite materials ABS, acryl, PVC, GFK, PC, PET,PU etc.) with each other. The fast-curing adhesive is extremely shock-proof and peel-proof and can be processed in any manner. It is gasoline-, oil-, mild acid- and alkali-resistant. 2K Power Adhesive is characterised by the combination of high strength and rigidity. It is very versatile and can be used for a wide range of different materials.


  • Outstanding shear resistance
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Resistant to water-based acids
  • Excellent resistance to weathering
  • Good water resistance
  • Resistant to gasoline and oil
  • Excellent peel strength and impact resistance

   Areas of application

Liqui mate 2K Power Adhesive is applicable for high strength and quick bonding of various materials. Due to these characteristics it is suitable for car bodies and vehicle construction as all-purpose adhesive (e.g. bumpers, radiators, lights, handles, console parts, spoilers, telephone and loud speaker mounting).


 In order to achieve an optimal adhesive result, the surfaces must be clean and free of grease (Liqui Moly cleaner and thinner, item No. 6130). Some surfaces must be roughened. Squeeze adhesive out of the double syringe and stir well both components with an applicator ( automatic mixing occurs if the mixer nozzle is used). Apply the adhesive and bond the parts together (max. processing time 3-4 minutes). Hand tight after approx. 8 up to 10 minutes. Completely cured after 24 hours. Curing times are dependent on the room temperature. Do not use the product at temperatures below 0°C. After use close the package with the cap again. Keep in a cool and dry place.


Attention: For cleaning use only cleaner and thinner, item No. 6130, do not use nitro thinner or alcohol!



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