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Molyslip OGL-Open Gear Lube Heavy Duty Lubricating Grease

Product Category: 
Surface and Anti Corrosion Coating
Content Size: 
Gram (g)

Description :

Molyslip Open Gear Lube is a heavy-duty grease designed to combine heavy duty lubrication under extreme conditions with almost adhesive tenacity to working surfaces. It contains oxidation and rust inhibitors as well as adhesion and EP additives. The result is a lubricant with:
•    Resistance to water, acids and alkalis
•    High load capacity with mechanical stability
•    Low starting torque at low temperatures
•    Ability to combat lubricant starvation
•    Protection from corrosion
•    Ability to cling to surfaces without dripping, draining off or scraping off


Molyslip Open Gear Lube is ideal for use on slow-moving, heavily loaded working surfaces where durability is essential. It is resistant to most acids and alkalis and is completely water resistant, making it effective in adverse weather conditions or contaminated environments.


All open or exposed gears working at a wide range of speeds and any heavily loaded surface.
Industrial: cement works, quarries, mines, paper mills, chemical plants, oil rigs, at sea (including drilling platforms, on docks and on ships).
Automotive: all grease points, particularly fifth wheel plates
Construction and Logging: cranes, excavation equipment, winches, jacks, etc.