ASV 1800 Dry Film Molybdenum Disulfide Lubricant

ASV 1800 Dry Film Molybdenum Disulfide Lubricant

MoS2 وزيوت التشحيم الصلبة طلاء مضاد للاحتكاك يجفف بالهواء
– كمواد تشحيم غشاء جاف للمكونات المعرضة لبيئات كاشطة أو مغبرة مثل الوصلات الملولبة ، والمسامير ، والرافعات ، والمحاور. مفاتيح ، براغي ، سلاسل.
-i كمواد تشحيم للمعالجة المسبقة للمعادن قبل التجميع للتشغيل الفعال لتقليل التآكل والاحتكاك والقضاء على التلامس بين المعدن والصدمات.
– كمواد تشحيم للمكونات المعرضة لظروف بيئية حرجة مثل الفراغات ، والإشعاع ، ودرجات الحرارة المرتفعة ، والرطوبة ،
– ‘كمركب لولبي شديد التحمل ودرجة حرارة عالية لمنع الاستيلاء والتآكل وتسهيل التجميع السهل والتفكيك غير المدمر.

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MoS2 and solid lubricants based air-drying anti friction coating
-As a dry film lubricant for components exposed to abrasive or dusty environments as threaded connections, pins, levers, pivots. splines, bolts, chains.
-i As a metal pretreatment lubricant prior to assembly for effective running in to reduce wear, friction and eliminate metal to metal contact and seizure.
– As a lubricant for components exposed to critical environmental conditions as vacuums, radiation, high temperatures, humidity,
-‘As a heavy duty, high temperature thread compound to prevent seizure and corrosion and facilitate easy assembly and non-destructive disassembly.
– As an anti friction coating for metal cutting tools as millers, reamers, taps, drills, gear cutters, punches, dies to prevent sticking, binding and metal build up; increase life of tools. production quality and efficiency
– As an extreme pressure lubricant for heavily loaded or stressed surfaces to prevent wear, friction, galling, scuffing, seizure and fretting as for press fits, pins, levers, pivots, bearings, gears, splines, journals, linkages.

-_Extremely wide service temperature range of ~i 80°C to +45O“C
-‘Low coefficient of friction, high surface load and pressure withstanding capacity
– High and low temperature performance
– Protects surfaces from wear, galling and seizure
– Oil, grease and solvent resistant
-“Prevents stick—slip and fretting corrosion
‘ Provide clean dry film lubrication and does not accumulate dirt or abrasives
-_Offers surface protection from corrosion
– Lubricates under adverse operating environments such as in vacuum or near radiation
-_Provides maintenance free permanent lubrication where oil or grease contamination cannot be tolerated
-“Excellent lubricity and highly abrasion resistant
-Increases service life of equipment

Directions for Use
Shake the can vigorously for a couple of minutes before spraying till the bearing noise from inside the container is audible. Repeat before every application. Spray onto a clean, dry and degreased surface. Only a thin film of this lubricant is required. Allow solvents to evaporate. Spray from a distance of 2O—3O crns. Repeat if necessary. Excess lubricant may fall
off during assembly For cleaning the valve dip—tube after spraying, invert the can and depress the actuator button for a few short bursts till only the clear propellant comes out
Caution (aerosol)
Contains flammable solvents and propellant. Do not spray near naked flame, hot surfaces or energized equipment,
Use with adequate ventilation.



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