ASV CS 90 Heavy Duty Carbon Cleaner 500ml

ASV CS 90 Heavy Duty Carbon Cleaner 500ml

بخاخ منظف للكربون شديد التحمل يعمل على ازالة الاوساخ والكربون والاوساخ المترسبة

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Product Description
ASV® CS 90 is a fast acting blend of solvents for removal of
carbon without excessive scraping or causing damage to
the surfaces. It also cleans stubborn grease, paint, oil and
varnish deposits.
 For removal of carbon, paint, adhesives, lacquers and
varnishes without excessive scraping or causing damage
to the surfaces
 For cleaning stubborn grease, oil, varnish, carbon
 Removes carbon, paints, varnishes
 Fast acting formula cleans dried grease & oil
 Protects surface finish from excessive scraping
Directions for Use
Mask areas not requiring removal or for protection from
overspray. Observe precautions of wearing protective eyewear
and hand gloves while handling this product. Spray liberally
over surface and allow solvents 5-10 minutes to work for
softening paint and then remove with a putty knife or cloth
rag. For stubborn or thick coatings, repeat the same
procedure. To prevent clogging of actuator and valve diptube after use, invert the can and press the actuator button
for a short burst till only clear propellant gas comes out.
Not safe around sensitive plastics.
Contains flammable solvents and propellant. Do not spray
near naked flame, hot surfaces or energized equipment.
Use with adequate ventilation.



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