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LIQUI-MOLY Rapid Rust Solvent,300 ml (Made in Germany)

Product Category: 
Solvents & Release Agents
Content Size: 
Milli Liter (ml)

LIQUI MOLY Rapid Rust Solvent ,300 ml (Made in Germany)

Extra-fast acting Rust Solvent. Loosens stuck screws and nuts in no time. It penetrates even narrow passages. The rust is tunneled and loosened.\

Intended use

Rusted-in and corroded metal parts like screws, bolts and other movable parts.


 Rapid Rust Solvent contains a selection of agents with excellent rust-dissolving, water repellent, protective and penetrating properties.



  •  Dissolves rust
  •  Outstanding resistance to salt water
  •  Good corrosion protection
  •  Does not attack plastics, paints and metals
  •  Penetrtes fast
  •  Low coefficient of friction
  •   Releases dirt


  Areas of application

The outstanding properties of Rapid Rust Solvent lead to a wide range of applications in the factory or workshop, on motor vehicles and all equipment in the home as well as in hobbies.


Spray onto surface with the aerosol, air spray can, spray gun or apply by immersion, brush or wiping.