Magnaflux Kit-Technical Beacons

Magnaflux Kit-Technical Beacons

The Magnaflux Kit is a complete system for detecting surface and nearsurface defects in all
types of metals. The kit includes a waterbased fluorescent dye, a developer, a cleaner, and a
magnifier. The dye penetrates surface defects and is then fluorescent under ultraviolet light,
making them easy to detect. The developer creates a contrast between the dyed area and the
rest of the metal surface, making the defects more visible. The cleaner removes the dye and
developer from the surface, and the magnifier allows for close inspection of the defects.

Some common applications for Magnaflux kit are:

1. The Magnaflux kit is used in nondestructive testing of welds by applying a magnetic field
to the weld. This produces a magnetic flux that can be used to detect irregularities in the

2. The Magnaflux kit is used to detect cracks and defects in metals. It uses a magnetic field to
detect cracks and defects in metals.

3. The Magnaflux kit helps in checking the integrity of metal structures by using a special
magnetic fluid to detect surface and subsurface cracks in metals.

How to apply Magnaflux kit?

There are many ways to apply Magnaflux kit, depending on the specific needs of the project.
One common method is to apply the kit with a brush or a roller. Another common method is
to apply the kit with a sprayer.

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