Glass Fiber Kit

Glass Fiber Kit

Glass Fiber Kit

Glass fibre is a great material for repairs., The ability to create a robust, lightweight, smooth,
watertight, and chemically resistant barrier is made possible by the composite material, which is a
mixture of polyester resin and glass fibre chopped strand matting. It is a favoured solution for many
customers since it is noticeably less expensive.
Each kit contains the required tools and supplies essential to complete a high-quality repair.

Features & Advantages:

Job Type: The majority of repairs involve 25mm-sized holes.
Compatible with the majority of substrates, but not with some plastics, including cellophane,
polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene.
After 20 minutes, sandable (at 20C)
Almost all primers and paint solutions can cover it.


These kits are made to fix components that have been damaged, worn out, or need to be renovated.
Repairing leakage, holes, dents, cracks, and fractures are exemplary instances.
Polyester resin and glass fibre netting are two essential components. The polyester resin is WRAS
compliant, UV stable, and provides some flexibility to the laminate. It is a trusted brand that has
been successfully used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Chopped strand matting (CSM) made of
glass fibre weighs 600 g. For resin curing, MEKP catalyst (hardener) is necessary, and the right
amount is provided with each kit. Both materials are created in a setting that complies with ISO
Appropriate for fixing both structures (such as storage tanks, caravans, automobile bumpers, and
automobile bodies) and vehicles (such as van and truck linings, skylight waterproofing, gutter linings,
and maritime constructions) (e.g., boat hulls, yachts, and surfboards).
Make sure that any leakage has been found and fixed in advance. If the source of the leakage is not
fixed or if water infiltration into the structure continues, the restoration will be poor. Dehydration
must be done well in advance since moisture contamination or dampness on, near, or in the repair
location can hinder cure.
MEKP, a catalyst, is included.
For moist, less-adhesive surfaces (such plywood, steel, etc.) or if external pollutants are an issue,


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